Pantera Europe Tour 2023: Shining a Light on Metal Glory!

Hey metalheads and rock enthusiasts! Get ready to unleash the power of metal as the legendary Pantera makes a triumphant return to the stage with their massive Europe Summer Tour 2023!

In short
We've had the honor of being a part of Pantera incredible European Summer Tour 2023,
Production Manager
Eric shakes Grzybowski
Light Designer
Sonny Satterfield

Reviving the Metal Spirit

Formed in 1981 and taking the metal scene by storm until their hiatus in 2003, Pantera is back to set the stage on fire once again! With an unparalleled legacy of hard-hitting tunes and headbanging anthems, they’re ready to bring down the house across Europe.

Epic Light Show by Victory

And guess who’s adding an electrifying spark to their already blazing performances? That’s right – Victory is proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with Pantera, delivering a light setup and a dedicated crew to ensure each show is an unforgettable spectacle of Visuals.

Shining Bright Across Europe

As the official supplier of cutting-edge lighting equipment and a passionate crew, we’re honored to be part of this iconic comeback tour. From London to Berlin, Paris to Madrid, we’re bringing our expertise to enhance the visual experience and elevate the energy of every performance.


The entire project has been put together and coordinated in close collaboration with a close friend of the house. The good old gammelnok Eric Shakes Grzybowski

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Products used for this production:


Chauvet – Color STRIKE M
GLP – X4 Bar 20
Luxibel – B Blinded
Robe – MegaPointe
SGM – P-6
Vari-Lite – VL5LED
GrandMa 3

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Jesper Danius Sørensen, CEO

Visuals were a big part of the setup

Visuals were a big part of the setup

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