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In June, Copenhagen, Denmark hosted the epic annual heavy metal festival – COPENHELL
Head of Production
Kasper Bæk
Production Manager
Martin Kirch

“Copenhell – Unleashing the Rock and Roll in Denmark!”

In June, Copenhagen, Denmark hosted the epic annual heavy metal festival – COPENHELL. With its inception in 2010, COPENHELL has grown into one of Scandinavia’s largest and most iconic metal festival. This year, the festival witnessed mind-blowing performances from legendary artists such as Def Leppard, Ghost, Gojira, Guns n’ Roses, Halestorm, Meshuggah, Mötley Crüe, and Slipknot.

Victory had the honor of providing top-notch Sound, Light & Video production for the main stage. We also delivered a complete sound production for Pandamonium and Gehenna stages.

What made this year’s festival even more special was the upgrade to our sound design in collaboration with the organizers. We introduced 2 extra delay chains and a completely different sub configuration. Our goal was to create an immersive experience, where the sub pressure could be felt up to 150-200 meters away, while ensuring performers on stage enjoyed the best possible sound without being overwhelmed.

Our innovative approach involved using winged sub configurations with infire subs angled out 45 degrees on each side, both on the floor and in delay towers. The result was astounding, leaving experienced technicians and performers in awe of the powerful and flawless sound coverage.

COPENHELL is renowned for its serious and discerning audience, so we took no chances in delivering an exceptional experience. The entire Pit was also equipped with Panther Wide, which shot straight over people to create the perfect stereo effect. There were a few curves in the stage design where Ultra X40 came to the rescue.

“The Ultimate Light Production”

We took the light production at Copenhell to a whole new level, aiming to enhance the visual spectacle for every band on stage. The setup included 4 straight trusses, each adorned with Profile spots, Wash Lights, Blinders, and Strobes. The result was a mesmerizing display of lights that complemented each band’s unique style.

To ensure flawless execution, we implemented a complete redundant Luminex & MA network, all handled by MA 3 full-size controllers. This cutting-edge technology allowed us to maintain seamless control over the lighting, no matter the circumstances.

One of the standout features was the remarkable followspot situation. For the second time, we operated 8 followspots using Robospot, equipped with the outstanding Robe BMFL Lt spots. Positioned strategically on a 22-meter-high delay tower, these followspots provided the perfect angle for spotlighting performers on stage.

What made this setup even more impressive was its location – right under the mainstage floor. This smart placement made it incredibly easy for the operators to handle the followspots, eliminating the need for climbing and ensuring smooth operations throughout the festival.

Copenhell held a special place in our hearts this year, as we had the privilege of supporting several bands that we’ve been working with all across Europe. “Visit our Case Page and read much more about our collaboration with international artists.”

As always, in addition to the Main Stage, we also provided top-notch support to the two other incredible stages – Pandamonium and Gehenna. The combination of great sound and stunning lighting created an unforgettable experience for all the metalheads who gathered to celebrate the power of music.

Thank you, Copenhell, for being the epicenter of metal and giving us the opportunity to deliver an electrifying light production. Until next year, keep rocking on

Our equipment on the Helviti Stage was:


84 Panther L
52 Panther W
58 pcs LFC 1100
04 pcs. LFC 900
16 pcs MJF 210
08 pcs Ultra X40
16 pcs Galaxy 816
10 pcs Luminex I30


48 pcs. Robe BMFL Spot
42 pcs. Robe Spiider
24 pcs. Atomic Led
62 pcs. Luxibel b blinded
08 pcs. Robe BMFL LT
03 pcs. Ma 3 Full Size
02 pcs. Ma 3 Light
05 pcs. Ma 3 PU
08 pcs. Luminex Gigacore 16xt


360 pcs. Redot RC-M – 6,9mm

Our equipment on the Pandamonium Stage was:

20 pcs Panther L
08 pcs Panther W
12 pcs LFC 1100
04 pcs. LFC 900
16 pcs MJF 210
06 pcs Ultra X40
04 pcs Galaxy 816
04 pcs Luminex I30

Our equipment on the Gehenna Stage was:

18 pcs Leopard M80
04 pcs LFC 1100
08 pcs LFC 900
12 pcs MJF 210
06 pcs Ultra X40
04 pcs Galaxy 816
04 pcs Luminex I30

Audio were a big part of the setup

Audio were a big part of the setup

Read more about Audio

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