Roskilde Festival 2023

This summer, Victory had once again the pleasure to work with the legendary Roskilde Festival

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The collaboration entails providing top-notch audio systems from the renowned manufacturer Meyer Sound
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Roskilde Festival Summer 2023

At long last, the doors swung wide open for a full-blown celebration at this year’s Roskilde Festival. After a year marked by a pause due to the pandemic,
Therefore, it was extra exciting this year, as Victory has entered into a long-term agreement with Roskilde Festival to be their sound supplier for all stages.
The collaboration entails providing top-notch audio systems from the renowned manufacturer Meyer Sound, complete light setup with video walls for the main stage, Orange, as well as full stage setup, ground support, and lighting for the Avalon stage, and more.
In total, Roskilde Festival has 7 stages of varying sizes, each with their own unique design, there was no doubt that our warehouse was bustling in preparation for this year’s event.
Of course, a dedicated and skilled team is essential for making it all possible! Alongside our passionate employees, we’re grateful to have a fantastic freelance team always ready to give their best.
We haven’t tallied the kilometers of cable used yet, but we’ll get there. The numerous trucks loaded with audio gear amounted to a staggering 14 trailers, while the lights, video, and support equipment totaled 9 trailers.
To most, these numbers might not mean much, but believe us – creating an unforgettable experience for 130.000 festival-goers requires much more than just a single lamp or speaker.
This year, we introduced the cutting-edge Panther speakers, launched in 2022, so there was no doubt that all the experience we’ve gained around Europe was a good thing when it came time to pass the final test at Roskilde.
In the coming months, we’ll be reevaluating our power consumption, cable management, and optimizing wherever possible, to further enhance our commitment to sustainability.

And just to give you a glimpse of our impressive product lineup

The sound department delivered

230 pcs. Meyer Sound panther
162 pcs. Meyer Sound LFC1100
078 pcs. Meyer Sound LFC900
056 pcs Meyer Sound Leopard W110
070 pcs Meyer Sound MJF210
114 pcs. 114 Shure B58A vocal microphone
010 pcs. Yamaha CL5 mixing consoles

The lighting department delivered

230 pcs. Luxibel B Blinded
138 pcs. Robe Megapointe
080 pcs. Robe Spiider
018 pcs. Robe BMFL Wash XF
008 pcs. Robe BMFL LT followspot and RoboSpot controller
060 pcs. Elation RAYZOR
030 pcs. GLP JDC1
322 pcs. Martin VDO Sceptron
096 pcs. SGM P6
010 pcs. Lightdesk MA3 Fullsize
006 pcs. Lightdesk MA3 Light
010 pcs. MA3 PU
015 pcs MA3 8Port Node
015 pcs. Luminex gigacore 16xt

Audio were a big part of the setup

Audio were a big part of the setup

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