Gojira European Summer Tour 23

Sound, Light & Magic!

In short
We've had the honor of being a part of Gojira's incredible European Summer Tour 2023, where we took sound and light to a whole new level!
Tour manager
Taylor Bingley

Sound Revolution:

Our dedicated crew delivered an all-encompassing sound system to F.O.H. and monitor. Every nuance of their powerful music was carefully balanced and delivered with crystal-clear audio quality, allowing the audience to feel every riff and drumbeat deep in their soul.

Visual Explosion:

We set the sky ablaze with our fantastic light and video production! From epic light cascades to mesmerizing video, we created a visual symphony that harmonized with Gojira’s musical rawness. Each song was not only heard but also seen and felt through our impressive visual setup.

Thanks to Gojira for letting us be a part of this incredible adventure, and thanks to all the fans for creating an amazing energy at every concert! We are dedicated to continuing to bring innovation, passion, and technical expertise to every event we participate in.

We look forward to continuing to amaze you with our sound and light magic in upcoming events!

#GojiraEuropeanSummerTour2023 #fortitudetour2023

Stay tuned for more mind-blowing experiences!

Products used for this production:

01 pcs. Avid Venue S6L-32D
01 pcs. Avid Venue S6L-24D
02 pcs. Avid Engine Rack E6L-192/64
01 pcs. Avid Stage Rack – config as 64 in / 32 out
01 pcs. Avid Stage Rack – config as 64 in / 24 out + 8 AES
01 pcs. Avid Venue Profile Local Rack 16/8/4 Aes
01 pcs. Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server

86 pcs. Clay Paky Tambora Square
20 pcs. Robe ForTE
32 pcs. GLP JDC1
07 pcs. SGM P-6
01 pcs. Grand MA3 Light
01 pcs. Grand MA3 Fullsize
03 pcs. Grand MA3 PU
04 pcs. Luminex GigaCore 16XT
48 pcs. Glux BATn10d

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This is probably one of our smoothest european tours in many years. The good people at Victory gets the job done!

Tour manager Taylor Bingley

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Jesper Danius Sørensen, CEO

Visuals were a big part of the setup

Visuals were a big part of the setup

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