Stage is the backbone of any astonishing concert, event or tour is the stage.

Complex of briefs and set-designs

Victory offers a comprehensive project management service. By combining skills and attention to detail with a proactive and innovative team makes us first-rate. We strive to meet the most complex of briefs at all times, technically as well as artistically. At Victory, we are specialized in making your vision a reality, especially in terms of set-designs.

We aim at delivering solutions that fit with the overall values of each client. We have expertise within wood-, iron- and artistic design with attention to detail.

Time is literally money in the touring and event business, and all our touring stages are designed with maximum time efficiency – disappearing overnight and re-emerging at the next destination on the tour.

From Concept to Reality

We specialize in bringing unique designs to life. Whether you have a vision or a concept in mind, we can turn your ideas into reality. Our expertise extends from small-scale sketches to large stadium setups, and we excel at visualizing every intricate detail. Our forte lies in 3D drawing and visualization.

With a passion for precision and a commitment to turning dreams into tangible creations, we are your trusted partners in design and visualization. Let us transform your imagination into breathtaking reality. Explore our portfolio to witness the power of our 3D expertise.”



Roof structures for open-air event
Victory provides a range of roof structures designed specifically for any open-air event. Based on the Prolyte tower system, these roofs guarantee excellent protection against all types of weather. They hold a large amount rigging loads required when using modern audio and visuals equipment. These roof structures can be designed and adapted to any clients’ requirements.

We are always ready to help you with your next project.

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