Northside & Tinderbox 23

We are proud to have been involved in two of Denmark's biggest music festivals: Northside & Tinderbox Festival 2023!

In short
Two of Denmark's biggest music festivals: Northside & Tinderbox Festival 2023!
Production Director
Allan Ottesen
Production Manager
Mads Bøgedal

Northside Festival
Is known for bringing music lovers from near and far together, sharing unforgettable moments and singing along to iconic tunes. Our team was incredibly excited to have provided the most advanced sound, lighting, and stage setup for two of the main stages at the festivals, and we were honored to contribute to creating the perfect festival atmosphere!

Tinderbox Festival
Is a celebration in the heart of Odense, where thousands of joyful festival-goers experience a mix of international stars and local talents. Our dedicated team of technicians went all out to deliver a flawless sound and lighting experience that highlighted the artists’ talents and gave the audience unforgettable moments.

Our delivery of sound, lighting, and stage setup for Northside and Tinderbox was the result of years of experience and expertise, and we are grateful to have been part of both festivals. It was a pleasure to see the smiling faces and hear the enthusiastic cheers from the audience, captivated by the music and the spectacular visual experience!

We would like to thank DTD Group for entrusting us with this important task, as well as thanking all our wonderful customers for choosing us as their technical partner. We love creating unforgettable moments through our sound, lighting, and stage equipment, and we are already looking forward to being part of future projects!

If you also dream of creating the perfect festival experience, whether it’s music festivals, concerts, or other events, let our expert team help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today and let’s create magic together!


104 Panther
048 pcs LFC 1100
028 pcs MJF 210
012 pcs Ultra X40
010 pcs Galaxy 816
008 pcs Luminex I30

80 pcs. Robe BMFL Spot
64 pcs. Robe Spiider
36 pcs. Atomic Led
94 pcs. Luxibel b blinded
06 pcs. Robe BMFL LT
02 pcs. Ma 3 Full Size
02 pcs. Ma 3 Light
04 pcs. Ma 3 PU
08 pcs. Luminex Gigacore 16xt

256 pcs. Redot 6.9 mm

Audio were a big part of the setup

Audio were a big part of the setup

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