King Diamond Tour 2019

Bringing a set design to life “The Institute”

In short
In the spring of 2019, Victory had the bit unusual project of creating the set design of the Danish heavy metal artist King Diamond.
Tour manager
Set And light Design
Niller Bjerregaard

Victory took on the project and after discussing style, features, element and taste, Victory was able to create the set- design called “The institute”.

Through the building and painting process, Victorys’ crew was able to create the darkness and “horror feeling” that King Diamond is known for. The installment of LED light throughout the set also added a new dimension of depth to the design.

There is nothing better than bringing a set design to life and afterwards being able to follow it on social media as it goes on tour. We hope to see many more projects like this in the future.

King Diamonds’ tour takes the artist around Europe as well as the US in all of 2019.

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The stage show production fully lived up to expectations. Smooth collaboration on what needed to continuously adjust as production progressed, and fine follow up on delivery Nice finish. Well paint work with fine details and decorations that is worthy of a great theater production.

Tour manager Ole Bang

Stage were a big part of the setup

Stage were a big part of the setup

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