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Our team had again the incredible opportunity to deliver a full-scale production of audio, lighting, and transportation for the renowned band Ghost
Production Manager
Steven Page
Tour Manager
Taylor Bingley

We are thrilled to share a momentous achievement with all of you!

Our team had again the incredible opportunity to deliver not only one, but to full-scale productions of audio, lighting, and transportation for the renowned band Ghost during their spectacular Re-Imperatour 2023.

The audio engineering was meticulously crafted to capture every haunting chord and mesmerizing lyric, ensuring that each note resonated perfectly with the audience, allowing them to immerse themselves in Ghost’s enchanting world of music.

The Lighting and Video design was an awe-inspiring spectacle conjuring an otherworldly ambiance that elevated Ghost’s performances to an unparalleled level of mystique and wonder.

And for something completely fresh and exciting we were using Zactrack for this tour! We used their SMART Followspot system to take our live performance to a whole new level.

With the Zactrack SMART Followspot system, we can deliver a visual experience like never before! The system employs advanced technology to track our movements on stage, ensuring that the spotlights always follow us with pinpoint accuracy. Wherever we go on stage, you’ll always have the best moments with us in focus.

And let’s not forget the smooth and seamless transportation that enabled Ghost and their equipment to journey effortlessly through the enchanting landscapes of Europe, ensuring a flawless show at every mesmerizing location.

Being chosen as the technical supplier for Ghost’s European tour 2023 is a tremendous honor, and we couldn’t be prouder to have played a part in bringing their extraordinary vision to life on stage.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ghost for entrusting us with this opportunity, and to all the fans who made each show an unforgettable experience. Your passion for music and unwavering support fuel our commitment to delivering excellence in every production we undertake.

Stay tuned for more mind-blowing experiences!

Products used for this production:

72 pcs. Meyer Sound – Panther
22 pcs. Meyer Sound – 1100 LFC
08 pcs. Meyer Sound – VLFC
02 pcs. Meyer Sound – ULTRA X40
08 pcs. Meyer Sound – ULTRA X42
01 pcs. Allen & Heath DLive S5000
01 pcs. Allen & Heath DLive DM64 Stage Rack
02 pcs. DiGiCo SD12 Live
03 pcs. DiGiCo SD-Rack
01 pcs. DiGiCo SD MiniRack
01 pcs. Soundcraft Vi3000
01 pcs. Soundcraft Vi Stagerack
04 pcs. Shure AD4D
08 pcs. Shure ADX2
24 pcs. Shure PSM 1000 P10R
08 pcs. Shure PSM 1000 P10T
01 pcs. Shure AXT600

104 pcs. Martin – MAC Ultra Performance
072 pcs. Clay Paky – HY B-Eye K25
256 pcs. Clay Paky – Mini-B
084 pcs. Clay Paky – Sharpy Plus
048 pcs. GLP – JDC1
048 pcs. ROXX – Cluster B2 FC
052 pcs. SGM – P-6
008 pcs. MDG – ATMe
018 pcs. Magic FX – Smokejet RGBA
004 pcs. Grand MA3 Fullsize
010 pcs. Grand MA3 PU M
012 pcs. Luminex – Luminode 12
012 pcs. Luminex – GigaCore 16XT
002 pcs. Zactrack – SMART

136 pcs. ROE – CB5 60×120
004 pcs. Hippotizer Boreal

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Visuals were a big part of the setup

Visuals were a big part of the setup

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