“Længe Leve Musikken”

On the 30th of March 2019, we worked on an extraordinary project for the telecommunications company Yousee. 

The live event “Længe Leve Musikken” is a concert experience featuring various artists. On the night, the audience had the chance to see artists like Christopher, Burhan G and Aqua. 

Special about this event was that everyone in the audience had won their tickets for the event- tickets could not be bought. 

Victory was responsible for providing light, sound and video for the various concerts.

Getting ready inside Jyske Bank Boxen

Lights being tested inside Jyske Bank Boxen

While preparing for the event, our crew had the opportunity to record the process. As a result, the recording has been turned into a time lapse video, showed below: 

Yousee Live ’19 timelapse

It was a pleasure to work on this special project, and we hope for more future collaborations!

Were you lucky enough to win a ticket for the Yousee live concert? 

Products used for this production:

-Clay Paky- Mythos
-GLP-X4 Impression
-GLP-X4 Bar 20
-Martin-Atomic LED
-Blinder 2-lite DWE
-Roe Visual- Hybrid 18mm