Touring with Victory

Victory Event, Stage & Tour is a one-stop shop, providing turn-key solutions

Creating the unique wow factor

Victory is a full-service provider of video, audio, lights, and stage. We serve as a single point of contact to cover all technical aspects of the show. Our expert event managers plan and execute each event with the highest degree of efficiency while creating the unique wow factor that every client desires. Our professional tour teams are dedicated to producing an outstanding experience every time. Contact us and discover a world of possibilities and an unparalleled expertise!


Victory delivers quality that you can count on. Day after day and night after night we provide full-service sound, lights, video, and stage. We handle all aspects of sound, lighting, staging, and rigging from our own warehouse, and we have long-standing partnerships that allow us to provide professional video, trucking, labor, and other logistical services. Clients return to Victory again and again, because we provide impeccable service. We know how to select the very best of what is available and put it to work in a way that is customized for each production. Contact us today to learn how we will make your victory our mission!

  • Stage

    Victory strives to meet the most complex of briefs at all times, technically as well as artistically.

  • Sound

    Victory provides audio systems for concerts and tours throughout the world.

  • Lights

    Victory supplies everything you need for concert touring - conventional, automated, or LED fixtures.

  • Video

    Victory provides innovative technology, whether it is for live or future broadcasts.

  • Logistics

    Victory covers productions of all sizes all over Europe, from small-scale one-truck productions to large-scale multi-truck events and shows.

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