Mr. Swing King goes on tour

Our crew and equipment toured the country with the band Gnags in the summer of 2019. This tour took us to various locations such as Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, Den Fynske Landsby in Odense and Smukfest festival in Skanderborg. 

The 2019 tour was called Robot ’N’ Roll and was accompanied by their new robot mascot: 

Our primary task during the 2019 tour was providing the screens for the concerts. We decided on our LED Roe Hybrid -screens, as these screens are known for their high level of quality while they are also very transparent, which fitted this specific production well.

Through the last five years, our crew has currently created 111 shows with GNAGS.
More than just managing the screens used for the production, our crew was also in charge of the pyro installations, which everyone, who has experiences the show, realise is an essentail part of Peter A.G energetic performance.

As always, it was a pleasure to work with the band and their production team!

Products used for this production:

  • Complete podium production
  • 40 m2 LED screen- Roe Hybrid- 18mm/150mm in touring frame
  • Clay Paky Sharpy Plus
  • Complete LED light chain with RGBW DMX bulbs
  • Sparkular- cold spark effects