We make bands sound better, with audio and system designs tailored for the individual venue and event. The only surprise you will encounter is how incredibly awesome you can sound.

Off course we got you covered

Why book us otherwise (again-and-again-and-again-and…)?!  Our clients say, they love to work with us, because we are f*cking meticulous in designing audio systems that meet and exceed their wishes and demands regardless of the size of the event. We handle everything from the initial enquiry to the system specification,
preparation of the equipment and the selection of crew.  We collab, we listen and we fix our clients problems fast (because we are not idiots).



Sound tailored to your requirements
Victory’s extensive rental stock includes audio systems from Meyer sound, which enables us to design a system, which fits the requirements of the venue and most importantly, the artist performing.

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Jesper Danius Sørensen, CEO