About us

Victory Event, Stage & Tour ApS has 25 years of experience in audio, lights, stage, and video rental.
The key words are know-how, creativity, safety, and experience


Victory Event, Stage & Tour ApS is a perfect example of how the sum can be greater than its parts. We bring together a great variety of specialists in our organisation – from specialists in event planning and managing to specialists in audio, lighting, video, stage, and control systems. At Victory we believe that each individual and each organisation has a role to play in improving our community and the quality of life of those in it. Victory strives to impact our environment positively through actions and contributions.

Your victory is our mission

Victory Event, Stage & Tour ApS provides the best gear in the business and delivers support and an unparalleled service from start to finish. Working in an environment, which is largely made up of continuously expanding deals in a very small community, we have realised that we must do more than just deliver a comparable product at a competitive price.

Victory has provided technological solutions for various festivals, television shows, and major corporate events. Internationally, Victory has provided equipment and specialised staff for several artists touring the globe. Victory’s product specialists also provide expert advice on the latest technology and on how best to integrate complex systems with the highest quality and at the best price.